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Joseph McClernon PhD


Thank you for visiting our site, and thank you for considering participating in one of our Duke smoking research studies. Our goal is to better understand smoking so we can make it easier for you to quit and to prevent kids from becoming smokers in the first place. As a participant in one of our research studies, your safety and welfare are my central concern—if I can be of any assistance to you or if you have any questions at any time please call me directly at 919-668-3987.

Joseph McClernon, Ph.D.
Director, Triangle Smoking Studies
Duke Health

Duke Smoking Studies Triangle Smoking Studies recruits smokers and non-smokers from around the Triangle region of North Carolina to participate in research studies. Studies include research focused on developing new interventions to help smokers quit, research to help increase our understanding of why smoking is so addictive, and research to understand why people become smokers in the first place.  EMAIL US


If you are interested in quitting smoking, but not interested in participating in a Duke smoking research study, resources for quitting smoking can be found here